Turning the page on Max Scherzer; Why Washington?

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Oct 3, 2014; Washington, DC, USA; A general view during the National Anthem before game one of the 2014 NLDS playoff baseball game between the Baltimore Orioles and the Detroit Tigers at Nationals Park. Mandatory Credit: David Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

MCB: What is your take on the deferred payroll?  Short-term it is a positive because it does not tie the purse strings while Washington is in win-now mode, but it may be a tough pill to swallow to pay Max $15 million annually not only while he’s on the decline, but well after he is no longer a Washington National.

DOD: You are correct. On the short-term, it is a positive for the Nationals because it allows them to take some of the deferred money and put it towards extending the likes of Zimmermann and Desmond. On the other hand, as I mentioned before, it kind of reminds me of the Bobby Bonilla deal with the Mets. However, when you have an owner who is up there in age that wants a title, you go at all cost to get it. It will be tough to look at seven years from now, but if Scherzer is one of the key pieces to a championship in the Nation’s Capital, it will be an afterthought to the eyes of some fans.

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