Detroit Tigers’ Top 5 Recent Yankee Domination Moments

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The Detroit Tigers have owned the New York Yankees in their last decade.  Maybe not in regular season matches, but in the postseason when it counts. It gives me great pleasure living in Connecticut to have the home team represent so well when I am wearing the Old English D around.

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About eight years ago, in a galaxy far far away before the resurgence of the Tigers,  I took my kids down for their first Yankees game at the old Yankee Stadium.  I had heard horrible things about Yankee fans and how nasty and brutal they were.  We were on the Subway up to the Bronx all four of us sporting the Tiger gear.  Here it comes I thought.  “Hey is Fidrych pitching tonight?”  Seriously that was all they had?  It truly was.  Over the course of the last eight years the Yankees fans have been great hosts as I’ve seen the Tigers dominate there.

Over the past ten years the Tigers have been a thorn in the Yankees side and deterred them from post season advances three times.  While they are about .500 over the past 5 years, I think it’s fair to say the Tigers have “owned” the Yankees.

Let’s take a look at the Top 5 recent Tiger versus Yankee moments: