Detroit Tigers 2015 player grades: Yoenis Cespedes


The Major League Baseball season is clicking away as baseball clubs around the country have already been grinding out the season for over a little over a month.

The Detroit Tigers are currently in a heated battle for the top of the AL Central with the Kansas City Royals and, quite surprisingly, the Minnesota Twins. But rather look at how the team is doing, let’s take a moment and see how an individual player are faring. That player: Yoenis Cespedes.

After being traded from the Boston Red Sox to the Tigers for Rick Porcello, Cespedes has been ticketed as a big-time player who can really change a ball game in the blink of an eye. And while he has came as advertised, overall he’s been very underwhelming.

LF. Detroit Tigers. YOENIS CESPEDES. B.  Cespedes is fitting in nicely thus far in his first season in the Motor City. His position in the lineup (6th) really allows for the Tigers’ lineup to be stretched out. On the bright side, Cespedes is leading the AL in doubles (12); he has also collected 36 hits, good for 16th in the American League.<p>But what has really irked Cepsedes thus far is his inability to find power. Throughout his entire career in American baseball he has been billed as a power hitter that is capable of tearing the cover off of the ball. His 5 home runs is respectable, but a player of his caliber makes one expect more pop. But perhaps Cespedes is becoming more of a contact hitter, which would explain his increase in doubles and his .281 batting average.</p><p>His dislike for taking a walk (5 thus far this season) and his sour knack for striking out (30 thus far) also knocks him down a peg. Cepsepdes has absolutely no patience at the plate, and it’d be nice to see that out of him.</p><p>Another disappointment, but only due to the standards he set for himself in past seasons, is his defense. In 2014 Cespedes led the entire MLB in outfield assists with 16. That’s an absolutely astronomical number. We all know the man has a cannon for an arm, and there have been an abundance of opportunities for him to implement his skill, but he hasn’t.</p><p>Regardless, he is contributing to the team and hitting the ball consistently. But, a higher OBP and a few less strikeouts would make him more favorable when it comes to report cards. </p>

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