Torii Hunter Retired: Make Him a Coach


Even though he only played two seasons with the Detroit Tigers, Torii Hunter has remained popular with the fans and his former teammates. This was evident in the standing ovation he received in the Opening Day game versus the Twins on April 6. It was also evident in the prank David Price, Anibal Sanchez, and J.D. Martinez played on him in July. Now that Hunter is officially retired as a player, it is time to put him back in the Old English D. 

Credit: Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

There is something about Torii Hunter. He dominated his positions in the outfield for 19 years, earning nine Gold Gloves and five All-Star appearances, including his final one in 2013 in his first year with the Tigers. As a career-long American League player, his teams reached the ALDS in eight of his season and the ALCS in three of them; but, he never won a World Series ring. In 2009, he won the Branch Rickey Award because of his commitment to community service and his ethical lifestyle. During several of his years at right field and center field, he finished first in putouts, assists, and double plays from his position. His acrobatics in the field will certainly be missed.

Torii Hunter cannot simply fade into the sunset. He needs to stay with the game. However, those who need a little Torii-Hunter-fix can catch his son Torii, Jr. playing baseball and football for Notre Dame. His younger son, Money, plays football for Arkansas State. But, there is nothing quite like watching Torii Hunter, Sr.

Torii Hunter would be an outstanding addition to the coaching staff in Detroit. His knowledge of the game, attitude toward players, and his ability to throw a tantrum at the perfect time is just what the Tigers could use to light a fire under their bums. I would like to propose that Hunter become the bench coach in Detroit as soon as possible. If the Tigers do not take him, another organization will, or he will become a television analyst with the big networks. Torii Hunter could add the burst of energy and youth that could bring more fans to Detroit.