Detroit Tigers: Tim Lincecum Isn’t In The Maserati Section

The Detroit Tigers are shopping for a starting pitcher, not in the “Maserati ” section, and Tim Lincecum fits that bill.

The last time Tim Lincecum pitched in baseball the year was 2016. With the Los Angeles Angels, he went 2-6 with a 9.16 ERA, 5.4 BB/9, and 7.5 SO/9 over 38.1 innings.  The starting pitcher is reportedly eyeing a comeback and based on the pictures, he looks to be in phenomenal shape.  That doesn’t necessarily mean he can still pitch in the majors though.

The Detroit Tigers already have added a starting pitcher high on their wish list. They recently signed Mike Fiers to a one-year deal, but they are reportedly still shopping for a pitcher. Lincecum is 33, but he won two Cy Youngs before 25, and by 27 he had been a four-time all-star.


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A horrendous 2016 saw him be demoted to the minors and it seemed like he was done with baseball when he disappeared from the public eye. It seems though that Lincecum still wants to play. Que the Detroit Tigers.

Why Should The Detroit Tigers Sign Him?

They’re rebuilding, looking for undervalued players to take a gamble on in hopes of yielding a positive return.  Their best bet would be to sign him to a one-year deal, with an invite to spring training, that starts him in the minors. Similar to that of recently signed catcher Derek Norris.

A hip injury seemed to set Lincecum back completely to the point of his career seemingly being over. The Detroit Tigers need the kind of low-risk high-reward minor league deal he might be willing to take.

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The Detroit Tigers kept on Anibal Sanchez way too long and Lincecum is arguably the better pitcher despite having his career derailed by a hip injury. His presence would add veteran experience as well as world series experience to the Detroit Tigers pitching staff.

Its highly unlikely that any team would offer him a major league deal, and the Detroit Tigers might be the best place for Lincecum. Given the state of the organization, he’d have less pressure than in say-the Astros, Angels or Dodgers farm system, and that lack of pressure might be what he needs to get back on track.

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