Detroit Tigers: TigersFest Is Next Weekend!

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The Detroit Tigers are building up to Tigersfest with their annual winter caravan. The Tigers will be splitting the team up into two buses. One bus will head up to northern Michigan, while the other bus will be in the Metro Detroit area.

Detroit Athletic Co. thinks that the Detroit Tigers need to right a wrong with Norman Stearns. Most fans don’t know who Norman “Turkey” Stearns is. Even with the fact that he’s one of the greatest Tigers ever. He played for the Negro League Detroit Stars. Detroit Athletic Co. thinks he deserves a statue inside Comerica Park and they’re right.

Per Detroit Athletic Co.:

Apparently no one from the Tigers noticed what an unbelievable and ironic slight that is can be defined as nothing less than outrageous.
Stearnes is one of the top 100 players ever to play the game of baseball, but just like during his playing days with the Detroit Stars, he can’t get his just due inside the park.

It isn’t the first slight Stearnes saw from the city he played such an elegant outfield in. Stearnes was elected to the National Baseball Hall of Fame in 2000—seven years before he was elected to the Michigan Sports Hall of Fame.

Stearns is arguably the second greatest player in Tigers’ franchise history, yet he barely gets a small plaque in the stadium.

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