Detroit Tigers: Five best Tigers who weren’t All-Stars

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Detroit Tigers

DETROIT, MI – APRIL 9: Fans watch the Detroit Tigers play the Boston Red Sox at Comerica Park on April 9, 2017 in Detroit, Michigan. (Photo by Duane Burleson/Getty Images)

The Detroit Tigers have had many excellent All-Stars in franchise history. However, there are a handful of Tigers’ greats who never made the midsummer classic.

The All-Star game is coming up, and Detroit Tigers outfielder Nicholas Castellanos was left off the roster once again. A crowded American League outfield is the culprit, and as much as Castellanos deserves recognition, he simply doesn’t quite hold up to the talented players who made the roster over him. That will likely change as time goes on, and eventually Castellanos will hear his name called for the All-Star game. It could even happen this season, if injuries prevent anyone else from suiting up.

However, if somehow Castellanos continues to produce like he has been, but never finds himself in an All-Star game, he wouldn’t be alone. Below is a list of the five greatest Detroit Tigers players (according to bWAR) who never made an All-Star team.

It’s worth noting that players who played before 1933, when the first All-Star game was held, were not included. Obviously guys like Ty Cobb and Sam Crawford would have made All-Star games, had they occurred.

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