Detroit Tigers: Pete Kozma served as a band-aid for shortstop

PORT ST. LUCIE, FL - MARCH 20: Pete Kozma
PORT ST. LUCIE, FL - MARCH 20: Pete Kozma /

With the 2018 season coming to a close, we are providing year-end grades to each Detroit Tigers player who donned the Old English D in 2018.

The Detroit Tigers completed the first year of what looks to be a multi-year rebuilding process. While the team was hard to watch at times, there is still plenty to evaluate from this season as we look ahead to the next few years.

As with any team, there were a lot of excellent performances, surprise performances, and of course disappointing performances. Here at Motor City Bengals, we are going to be evaluating each player who suited up for the Detroit Tigers this season. We will analyze how they performed, what their future holds in the Motor City, and we will provide them a grade.

Note: the grade will be relative to what was expected of them. So a player who performed well above expectations may earn a B or an A, even if their actual season numbers are not that elite. If you disagree, feel free to drop us a comment. We would love to have discussions about these!

The rebuild is in full swing, which means that the  Tigers prospects will make their way to the Motor City. As well there will be plenty of veterans to fill gaps. Our next review is on one of those veterans – Pete Kozma.

Pete Kozma

Kozma bounced between Triple-A Toledo and The Tigers this season. He mostly filled as a placeholder for the shortstop. The veteran played in just 27 games for the Detroit Tigers. In that time he posted a .217 batting average and homered just once this season. It was the fifth of his career and it was off of veteran Bartolo Colon.

The closest Kozma came to a full-time role in the majors was back in 2013. He probably won’t ever get a full-time role with the Tigers. With the rebuild continuing I’d expect him to bounce between Toledo and Detroit.

Grade: C

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