Detroit Tigers: Bleacher Report Exciting Player to Watch on Each Team

Tigers slugger Miguel Cabrera takes batting practice on Monday, Feb. 22, 2021, on the Tiger Town practice fields in Lakeland, Florida.Spring Training
Tigers slugger Miguel Cabrera takes batting practice on Monday, Feb. 22, 2021, on the Tiger Town practice fields in Lakeland, Florida.Spring Training /

Bleacher Report has released an article discussing an exciting player for each MLB team. Here is who they chose for the Detroit Tigers.

It has been information overload here at Motor City Bengals as we get ready for another season of Detroit Tigers baseball. Between our various prospects reports to even getting you ready for the MLB Draft with our college baseball preview, we are trying to cover all the bases (pun intended)

I get about 30 to 40 alerts a day in regards to baseball-related items and one of them that came across my phone was Bleacher Report’s The Most Entertaining Player to Watch on Every MLB Team.  Before I clicked on it, I thought to myself “I wonder what the criteria went into this list?”

You could be entertained by so many aspects of baseball. Whether it’s their ability to make the hardest play look easy, home runs, or how they fist pimp after a big strikeout or they keep the clubhouse loose, there was a lot that at least to me, was to unpack there.

But author Joel Reuter kept the criteria simple. It was based on subjectivity which I can appreciate because, like pizza toppings, no two people may not agree on how who is the most entertaining Detroit Tigers player.

In this case, this may stir debate among Tigers fans. It was Miguel Cabrera. The longest tenure Detroit Tiger has had some of the best seasons in Tigers history from a stat perspective. He is the only Tiger to ever win the Triple Crown and despite some fans saying he isn’t a “leader”, a lot of the younger players, especially the ones who speak Spanish, have stated how much Miguel has been a positive influence.  Also, he has had some really funny moments in the dugout and on the field.

Here’s what the article said about Miguel:

"“There’s something to be said for a living legend finishing their career while still performing at a high level. Miguel Cabrera is no longer a 30-homer threat or an MVP candidate, but he’s also far from washed up.The 37-year-old posted a 102 OPS+ with 10 home runs and 35 RBI in 57 games last season, and he made elite contact, ranking among the leaders in exit velocity (97th percentile) and hard-hit rate (91st percentile).Alongside fellow legend Albert Pujols, Cabrera will go down as one of the greatest right-handed hitters in history.”"

There are probably a few others worth considering who can take the “crown” in 2021. The Tigers have a lot of young talent in spring training who may make their debut and even among the regulars, I can think of Daniel Norris, who dove to get an out last season and shows a lot of emotion when he pitches, or Jeimer Candelario, who could play both corner spots well.

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So give us your opinion on who is the most entertaining Detroit Tigers player?