Spencer Torkelson’s Salsa Injury: ‘The Boys Were Hungry’

Spencer Torkelson smiles as he gets his bat handed to him - Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports
Spencer Torkelson smiles as he gets his bat handed to him - Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports /

Last week we had a bit of fun with Detroit Tigers prospect Spencer Torkelson and his can-related finger injury.

But new details about this important story have emerged, from the mouth of the man himself:

As Chris McCosky noted in his piece in the Detroit News last week, that lack of a can opener led Spencer Torkelson to get creative:

"…he tried to improvise with a wine opener that had a serrated, half-inch knife on the other end. The knife folded up on him, making a half-inch cut in the index finger."

This of course led to a few stitches, keeping Spencer Torkelson out of action for two games. He has now rejoined the team, drawing a walk in his first plate appearance on Tuesday, and showing off that lightning-quick power swing that reminds us of another famous slugger:

Torkelson and his roommates Riley Greene and Jake Rogers have since acquired a can opener, but vital questions still remain.

Was corn salsa the only thing for dinner, or was it a garnish for some other Tex-Mex entrée?

These had to be black beans, right?

Were tortilla chips involved, and if so, were they yellow, blue, or an unknown third option?

Spencer Torkelson and (Marketing) Power

We may never know the answers to such important questions, but it’s obvious Spencer Torkelson has a chance to a huge marketing star, even when he’s not trying.

Baseball Twitter has already fallen in love with the phrase “The boys were hungry,” and it’s pretty easy to envision it becoming a rallying cry for this generation of Detroit Tigers players.

Detroit Tigers merchandise with “The Boys Are Hungry” on it would sell out of stores in minutes.

And what about the the bean-related possibilities?

We could easily see a sponsorship from one of the big bean companies, where every time Spencer Torkelson hits a homer — a bean blast, if you will — they donate $1,000 to a local food bank. Everyone wins!

And don’t get us started on the various Tork and Beans possibilities. He could be the next Tim Horton.

Usually cuts in spring training are a bad thing, but for the Detroit Tigers and Spencer Torkelson, this cut could be the start of something big.

Good thing the boys were hungry.

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