Detroit Tigers Draft Month: Mock Draft 1.0

OAKLAND, CA - JUNE 8: A member of the Oakland Athletics draft team work on the draft board. (Photo by Michael Zagaris/Oakland Athletics/Getty Images)
OAKLAND, CA - JUNE 8: A member of the Oakland Athletics draft team work on the draft board. (Photo by Michael Zagaris/Oakland Athletics/Getty Images) /
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Welcome to Detroit Tigers Draft Month! We’ll be offering MLB draft content for all of June to keep you informed about this year’s crop of amateur talent, beginning with

We’re kicking things off with a fun little mock draft from the staff here at MCB. There are five of us participating, and our only directive with each pick is to select the player WE would take if we were in charge of each team.

To be clear, we aren’t draft experts with inside information, but we follow all the latest draft buzz, and we think this is a good way to get a feel for how the draft might unfold. We’ll do another mock at the end of the month to see if anything has changed.

The Detroit Tigers have 3 of the first 39 picks in the 2021 MLB Draft, so we’ve decided to run this mock out to pick 40. That equates to the 4th pick in the 2nd round, which isn’t a natural end point, but this way all five of us get eight picks.

Without further ado, let’s get to the draft. With the first overall pick in the 2021 MCB Mock, the Pittsburgh Pirates select…

SS. Eastlake HS, Chula Vista, CA. 4. Video. MarceloMayer. 1. player.

Jon Says:  The Pirates are said to be looking for bats, and the best prep hitter who plays a premium position is the choice. Mayer has enough competition for the first pick in Lawlar and the Vandy arms where he likely can be signed under slot.

SS. Video. Dallas Jesuit HS, TX. JordanLawlar. 2. player. 126. Pick Analysis

Joe Says: Not too long ago Lawler was seen as the top prospect in the draft, so even at two he could be seen as a value pick. He has a tremendous ceiling and the added benefit of being in the Rangers’ backyard.

Video. Pick Analysis. RHP. 3. player. 63. Vanderbilt. JackLeiter

Kellen Says: Leiter has dominated the college ranks this season. The Tigers are intrigued by the possibility of a plus fast ball with multiple plus off speed offerings.

Louisville. 4. player. Video. Pick Analysis. C. HenryDavis. 14

Chris Says: There were three legitimate options here, but the Red Sox are happy to get the best college bat in the draft, and they think he has a chance to be an impact defender as well.

player. SS. Winder-Barrow HS, Winder, GA. BradyHouse. 5. 11. Video. Pick Analysis

Rogelio Says: With his raw power potential, big arm, and ability to generate exit velocity, Baltimore has a young prep player who has proven quite a bit on the showcase circuit.

Pick Analysis. KahlilWatson. 6. 8. Video. SS. Wake Forest HS, NC. player

Jon Says: Arizona is determined to walk away with a piece of the elite prep SS group. Watson fills the bill. The Diamondbacks also considered a re-draft on Matt McClain but decided one “no” from him was one too many.

RHP. KumarRocker. 7. Video. Pick Analysis. Vanderbilt. 7. player

Joe Says: The Royals would have loved to see one of the top position players fall to them, but are also happy to end Rocker’s slide. Rocker’s velocity has bumped back up and he adds another arm to KC’s already strong group.

108. Video. Pick Analysis. JacksonJobe. 8. player. RHP. Heritage Hall HS, Oklahoma City, OK

Kellen Says: Despite Jobe being a high school pitcher, the riskiest breed of draft prospect, the Rockies are drawn to his undeniable top 10 talent, led by his flaming fastball that pushes triple digits. The Rockies are likely at the forefront of a long and painful rebuild and they’re banking on Jobe becoming a future rotation anchor.

Texas. TyMadden. player. Pick Analysis. RHP. 9. 102. Video

Chris Says: There were a handful of players considered here, but the Angels are always looking for arms to help, and Madden gives them a good shot at a mid-rotation starter who can move relatively quickly.

Pick Analysis. LHP. Kansas State. 3. Video. JordanWicks. 10. player

Rogelio Says: Wicks has a four pitch mix including one of the better changeups in the draft. He has a smooth windup and good command.