Detroit Tigers Prospects: Arizona Fall League Weekly Roundup (10/31-11/4)

Oct 26, 2022; Surprise, Arizona, USA; Overall view of Surprise Stadium during an Arizona Fall League baseball game. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports
Oct 26, 2022; Surprise, Arizona, USA; Overall view of Surprise Stadium during an Arizona Fall League baseball game. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports /

Detroit Tigers Arizona Fall League Recap part five.

Here we are once again for the penultimate edition of the Detroit Tigers Arizona Fall League (AFL) weekly recap. This week is a little different. With things starting to quiet down as the season wraps up, we’re looking at games Monday through Friday, with Saturday being an off-day for the Home Run Derby to take place.

Sunday is the Fall Stars game which I’m lumping in with next week’s final edition as things close out. Beyond that, the Detroit Tigers sent home Joey Wentz, and Colt Keith cooled off a bit this past week, so the recap is not as bountiful.

Here are links to the last few weekly recaps.

Now let’s get into it, and the week that was out west in the AFL.

Salt River Rafters struggled to climb out of the trenches. With just three games of the regular season left, things are coming to a close, and the Rafters will have to win out to be considered for a semi-finals matchup.

The Rafters are 11-16 with a -22 run differential on the season, which was moving in the right direction. They went 1-3 on the week, with a shortened schedule as the AFL season wraps up and the HR Derby and Fall Stars Game are added into the mix.

But, the Rafters’ success is neither here nor there. The Tigers’ prospects individually are where the focus lies.

Detroit Tigers Hitters out west…

It continues to be a fall full of adversity for Parker Meadows, who was 2-for-8 on the week. Surprisingly he was the best Tigers hitter over the past week, which is not saying much for a hitter who was .250 on the week with a triple and three strikeouts.

Colt Keith seriously cooled off this week. He’s gotten plenty out of the fall, finding ways to get on base and make the most of his time out west. The Tigers prospect was a measly 1-for-11 with seven strikeouts.

The only other hitter who logged at-bats during this week of the AFL season. Gage Workman was 0-for-8 with six strikeouts. Not the best week for Tigers hitters with the Rafters. But Keith was named to the Fall Stars game, so some good did come from the week for the hitters.

Detroit Tigers Pitchers out west…

Jack Anderson put together two scoreless innings out of the bullpen for the Rafters, keeping him on track. He punched out three hitters while not allowing a run. Easy stuff from the right-hander, who has been able to get his performance under control in recent weeks.

Matt Walker made a reappearance after his first two starts were horrendous. He punched out two hitters over an inning of work while allowing one hit. It was a smooth outing from the bullpen, which fared him way better than any of the outings as a starter did.

Tyler Mattison was named to the Fall Stars game for his performance this fall with the Rafters but ultimately had his worst performance this weekend. Mattison allowed four runs; three earned runs over an inning of work. He still punched out two opposing hitters.

What’s next for the Detroit Tigers prospects?

There were several prospects who got plenty out of this time in the AFL and a couple of Tigers prospects who left some to be desired. But beyond that, the AFL is not quite done yet. Before we get into comparing performances, let’s run through the last few days of the AFL schedule.

At the time of posting this piece, I covered everything up through Nov. 4th. Then the AFL Home Run Derby took place on Nov. 5th, with the Fall Stars Game being yesterday on the 6th. Today is an off day.

The teams then get into three days of games, with the postseason beginning on Friday. There will be a play-in semi-final matchup, and then the championship will take place this Saturday.

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We’ll have one more weekly update to cap things off and likely whip up a recap/overview of how the fall went for the Tigers’ prospects out west. Stay tuned!