2 extensions the Detroit Tigers should pursue, 2 they should pass on

Detroit Tigers v Chicago White Sox
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In late January, the Detroit Tigers extended their No. 2 prospect Colt Keith for six years on a guaranteed $28.6 million contract. This week, news followed that the Royals were doing the same (except, perhaps, far more expensive) thing with their star, Bobby Witt Jr. In December, the Brewers also extended their No. 1 prospect Jackson Chourio for eight years and $82 million, the largest contract ever doled out to a player without major league playing time.

These moves have largely been heralded as good moves for these teams, especially as they remain in the mid-to-small market zone. They're risky, surely, but they also give both the team a figure to highlight and build around, and fans someone to be excited for. Keith will make his MLB debut this year and is expected to play at second for the majority of the season.

Who should the Detroit Tigers target next after Colt Keith extension?

The Tigers aren't exactly known for taking too many risks under a Scott Harris-led front office, but might they consider taking a chance on a few more of their young players after extended Keith? Detroit's mindset this offseason has been to develop those players instead of buying free agents, so the team's dedication to their young core is already known. They could take it a step further and give a few more players a shot at being lifelong Tigers.