3 bad contracts the Tigers will regret having on the books this offseason

Detroit Tigers shortstop Javier Baez
Detroit Tigers shortstop Javier Baez / Kavin Mistry/GettyImages
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There are a few teams in Major League Baseball that a fan could point at as a smart spender, or a big spender. Smart spenders include the Baltimore Orioles and the Atlanta Braves. Big spenders include the New York Mets and New York Yankees. There are some who are both, like the Texas Rangers and Philadelphia Phillies.

And then there are some who are neither, and the Detroit Tigers are one of those. That might be mean spirited, but it's hard to dispute; the Tigers were 20th in spending among MLB teams this year, and nearly 20% of their payroll went to the single most frustrating player in the major leagues. But more on that later.

Here are 3 contracts the Detroit Tigers will regret this offseason

In terms of building this offseason, it helps a lot that the whopping 26% of the payroll Miguel Cabrera occupied won't be a burden to the front office anymore. It's the perfect time to retain some of their exciting young players in arbitration as well as angle toward some of the many free agents available this year. Even so, they're still saddled by some pretty bad contract decisions. Try not to get too angry about these.