3 overreactions to the Tigers opening series sweep of the White Sox

Detroit Tigers v Chicago White Sox
Detroit Tigers v Chicago White Sox / Nuccio DiNuzzo/GettyImages
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The Tigers are going to win the AL Central

The Tigers are the last remaining unbeaten team in the American League Central. Cleveland lost to Oakland in walk-off fashion on Sunday, and the Royals blew out the Twins.

This has caused some fans to believe that the division is the Tigers to lose. But there's still six months and 159 games left in the season. There's still so much that can happen.

The Twins have already lost star Royce Lewis to a somewhat significant injury, an huge blow already for them. Lewis, a former No. 1 overall pick, is immensely talented, but just cannot stay healthy. He's kind of like Byron Buxton in that regard. Still, the Twins have a better overall roster than the Tigers, especially offensively.

Cleveland scored 29 runs in a series win over the A's, but it's the A's. Anyone can score off that team. That's still a team that's likely to struggle to score runs this season. The Royals are a young, upstart bunch, but one injury to one Witt Jr., Ragans, Pasquantino, or Garcia, and their season goes south pretty quick because they don't have the depth.

The Tigers are also a young, upstart team. But they need to show some consistency. Sweeping the White Sox to start the year is great, but they should sweep the White Sox. That team could lose 100 games this season. They should beat the teams they're supposed to beat.

Again, be happy that they're 3-0. I sure am. But cool off on the division title talk. I'll be glad to be wrong, but our dreams have been crushed by this franchise plenty of times in the past. I'm just trying to prevent it from happening again.