3 teams having worse offseasons than the Detroit Tigers

San Francisco Giants v Los Angeles Dodgers
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San Francisco Giants

Oh boy, where do we begin? Up until this week, the Giants were having a pretty good offseason. They re-signed OF Joc Pederson, signed OF Mitch Haniger to a three-year deal, and signed SP Ross Stripling. They promsied to be active, and unlike the Orioles before them, they were delivering on that promise.

But they had the payroll space to add a big name. Everyone thought they were going to get Arson...sorry, Aaron Judge, but that didn't work out, as he returned to the Yankees. But they weren't giving up. They were determined to get a superstar.

It seemed they had it when they had agreed to terms with SS Carlos Correa on a massive 13-year contract—the largest in team history. He would anchor that Giants infield for years to come as they instantly became a World Series contender...or so we thought.

Apparently, the Giants had concerns about the results of Correa's physical, so they called off the deal. This was a shock to everyone, even Correa himself. Because of that, agent Scott Boras got back to negotiating with other teams. He eventually landed his client a 12-year deal with the New York Mets.

The Giants have handled this situation about as poorly as one could imagine. Instead of addressing the situation head-on, they released a short statement via press release.

Jeff Young from our friends at Around the Foghorn perfectly sums up the situation and how awful this is for Giants fans. This is a team that overachieved massively in 2021 with a 107-win season with a roster full of aging veterans, but fell back to earth this past year.

Most of those bad contracts were gone and the Giants could finally splurge on a superstar. They thought they had two and ended up with none. What a gut-punch to that fanbase.

But hey, at least they got Sean Manaea, right?

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