3 Tigers prospects who have already been told they won't make the Opening Day roster, 2 who still have a chance

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Jace Jung

Jung was informed around the same time as Madden and Jobe that he won't make the team.Cody Stavenhagen from The Athletic wrote a great article ($$$) about the dynamic between Jung, A.J. Hinch, and new third base and infield coach Joey Cora. In that story, Stavenhagen reported that Hinch told Jung he wouldn't make the team. This was after Cora told Jung to be assertive and got into Hinch's office and tell him he wanted to make the team. We highly recommend you give that article a read if you have a subscription to The Athletic.

It sounds like Jung is a very competitive guy, which is awesome. We love to see prospects with a bit of an edge to them. The 28 homers in the minors last year help back that up. Now, it's time to see if he can successfully make the transition to the hot corner.

It sounds like he's been spending a lot of time with Cora. The two seem to be bonding pretty well, which is a good sign. Hopefully Jung will be here for most of camp so he can spend a lot of time with Cora.

Jung could very well be the future at third base for the Tigers. Like we said with Jobe and Jung, they are going to do what they feel is best for his development. The Scott Harris regime has shown to be pretty conservative with prospect promotions, so we may not see him in Detroit this year, but Jung will likely get the chance to win the third base job in spring next season if all goes to plan.