5 Tigers players that are the most likely to get traded at the trade deadline

The Detroit Tigers appear to be headed for a trade deadline sell-off and these players could be on the move.
New York Mets v Detroit Tigers
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While the Detroit Tigers are playing in the worst division in baseball at the moment, things are still looking pretty grim for their playoff chances. They are currently 11 games below .500 and haven't been playing particularly well going into the All-Star break.

There is still a chance that they could make a run coming out of the break that could change their fortunes pretty quickly. Again, the AL Central is pretty terrible and the Tigers are only 5.5 games back despite their record and -86 run differential. If they put together a win streak and can get guys back from the injured list soon, selling at the deadline may make less sense.

However, we are talking about some pretty long odds at this point because all of the underlying information here points to the Tigers just not being a good baseball team just yet. Assuming that holds in the early days of the second half, we should see the Tigers start shifting more into selling mode.

Here are the Tigers players that could get traded at the trade deadline

Assuming a world where the Tigers do indeed sell at the trade deadline, that doesn't mean this is going to be a fire sale. The Tigers have a number of players with a lot of team control and potential that they aren't going to shop around. However, they do have some guys that fit in the rental market as well as as bullpen targets at the trade deadline that could help them add depth for the future.

Lets take a look at the Tigers players that are the most likely to get traded at the trade deadline.