5 Tigers players that are the most likely to get traded at the trade deadline

The Detroit Tigers appear to be headed for a trade deadline sell-off and these players could be on the move.
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The Detroit Tigers could very well trade All-Star Michael Lorenzen

With other candidates on the shelf with injury, Michael Lorenzen was chosen as an All-Star in 2023. We had some fun with that here at MCB, but Lorenzen has pitched pretty well with Detroit this season with a 4.04 ERA and 66 strikeouts in 87 innings. A big drop in his walk rate has helped him a lot this season and while he isn't a prototypical All-Star pitcher, he has done good work for Detroit this year in the rotation.

While Lorenzen has been very solid for the Tigers, he should be available at the deadline. The Tigers are going to start getting more starting pitchers back from the IL and Lorenzen would be in demand as a guy whose contract is up at the end of the 2023 season and isn't owed a ton of money.

As for teams that could be interested, there are a number of organizations that are looking for starters and that points to a sellers' market here. The Orioles, Red Sox, Reds, Cardinals, Diamondbacks, Dodgers, and Giants all make varying degrees of sense.

Eduardo Rodriguez remains a top trade deadline candidate for the Tigers

It seems like Eduardo Rodriguez has been rumored as a guy that could get moved at the trade deadline since the 2023 season started. Rodriguez had been one of the better pitchers in the American League in the first half before he went on the IL with a finger injury.

The allure here is pretty obvious. In a market that is lacking in quality starting pitchers, the Tigers have Rodriguez who is probably a rental if he pitches well as he is likely to not exercise his player option if he pitches well and should test free agency. He did not pitch well in his first start back, though, so teams may be a bit wary.

The same list of teams for Lorenzen would apply here. The Orioles, Red Sox, and Diamondbacks in particular could be good trade partners here. The player option does mess up the trade valuations a little bit, but Detroit is going to be getting a lot of calls on Rodriguez.