7 predictions for where Tigers trade candidates end up at the trade deadline

The trade deadline is mere days away. Here are some guesses for where the Detroit Tigers trade candidates end up.
Detroit Tigers v Cleveland Guardians
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There was a brief moment in time where one could entertain the idea of the Detroit Tigers standing pat or even buying at the trade deadline this year. The Tigers were kinda sorta hanging around in the AL Central race thanks mostly to the rest of the division being bad and had some injured guys coming back who could help them.

Unfortunately for Detroit, those hopes were pretty quickly dashed. The division is still bad with Minnesota and Cleveland treading water, but the Tigers have fallen to 11 games under .500 and 6.5 games back in the AL Central. As a result, it has become abundantly clear that Detroit will be among the minority of teams at the deadline that will be true sellers.

The players who will likely be available are pretty clear as Detroit has a nice mix of pending free agents, expendable roster pieces, and one particularly bad contract (more on him in a bit). However, what is decidedly less clear is where those players will end up when the dust settles at the deadline.

Here are 7 predictions for where the Tigers' candidates will end up at the trade deadline

Predicting where players will get traded is always tough because the rumor mill these days is based on incomplete and flawed information. Some teams leak fake interest as red herrings, some baseball writers just make wild speculation that isn't based on any actual reporting, and then there are kernels of truth floating amongst all of that. However, educated guesses can still be made based on what is known for sure and we can look back and laugh if these guesses are wrong in the worst case scenario.

Here are seven guesses for where the Tigers' trade candidates will end up.