Andre Lipcius’ wife blasts Tigers fan on Twitter for awful comment after DFA

Detroit Tigers v Los Angeles Angels
Detroit Tigers v Los Angeles Angels / Katelyn Mulcahy/GettyImages

Detroit Tigers fans don't have much of a reputation for being a--holes. It might be because the team has been mired in either mediocrity or worse for the majority of the last decade, or maybe because of our good ol' polite Midwestern sensibilities. Either way, there are reasons why the Tigers' fanbase doesn't immediately come to mind when you're thinking about the more difficult fanbases in baseball.

But there are always outliers and exceptions to every rule. Following the Tigers' DFA of Andre Lipcius on Thursday, known Tigers troll Talkin' Tigs took to Twitter to share a now-deleted thought to kick Lipcius while he was down, saying he would "never be a productive major league player."

The tweet was jumped on almost immediately by Lipcius' wife, Audrey, who shot back with a perfect dunk that had the original poster retreating into their cave and getting defensive when other users kept tagging her. She made a prescient point, too, writing that the OP "had no idea how hard these players work to be in the big leagues."

Andre Lipcius’ wife Audrey has Tigers troll retreating after DFA comment

Lipcius was a third-round draft pick for the Tigers in 2019 and their No. 26 prospect in 2022. He was called up to the majors in 2023, appeared in 13 games, and didn't look half bad at third base and as an occasional pinch hitter. He hit .286/.342/.400 in the majors with a home run, four RBI, and three walks. The DFA could be the result of a poor showing in spring training; over five games, he hit .125/.222/.250. The Tigers' infield is also shaping up in a nice way — with Gio Urshela at third and Colt Keith at second — and it could've just left the Tigers without room for Lipcius.

Calling him a player who will never be productive in the major leagues is ungenerous (especially when it comes on the heels of a DFA), seeing as he's barely gotten a chance to appear there and has a history of being productive in the higher levels of the minors behind him. He could very well return to the Tigers organization if he clears waivers as well.

But whether or not Lipcius becomes a star, the moral here is to have some compassion and think before you post. Aside from that just being the decent thing to do, you never know when a player's wife is going to come at you with a knockout punch that you'll never live down.