Can you build a playoff team out of former Detroit Tigers players?

While the Detroit Tigers are far from a playoff team this year, you can get surprisingly close to building a contender using just former Tigers players.
Detroit Tigers v Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
Detroit Tigers v Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim / Harry How/GettyImages
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LF - Robbie Grossman

Next up is left field and Robbie Grossman gets the spot here. Grossman was a Tiger from 2021-2022 and while his .739 OPS for the Rangers this season isn't overly exciting, he does have a little pop and knows how to draw walks. Grossman's inclusion also gives us a switch-hitter to help play matchups with.

DH - JD Martinez

The Tigers got a major gift when they were able to snag JD Martinez on a minor league deal before the 2014 season. JD would break out in a big way in Detroit before moving on to have successful stints with the Diamondbacks, Red Sox, and now the Dodgers. He is the easy DH pick here as he is still one of the best designated hitters in baseball right now.

SP - Justin Verlander

Another easy pick here as Justin Verlander is still kicking around and just helped the Astros clinch another playoff appearance. He is certainly in the twilight of his career as his numbers have dipped in 2023, but he has still been very good and it's just nice to think about how good he was with Detroit from 2005 to 2017.

SP - Max Scherzer

The top of our rotation here may be old, but it wouldn't make much sense to have this sort of list without Max Scherzer on it. Scherzer's five year run in Detroit from 2010-2014 was amazing and he still put up 3.2 rWAR this season before getting hurt in mid-September. No one is going to be shocked if he defies the odds and finds a way to pitch in the postseason for the Rangers because, well, Max is an animal.