Detroit Tigers: 2023 MLB draft information primer

Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred speaks at the 2022 MLB Draft.
Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred speaks at the 2022 MLB Draft. / Kevork Djansezian/GettyImages

Detroit Tigers 2023 MLB Draft primer.

The Detroit Tigers are not off to the best start in 2023 with a 2-7 record, but it's never too early to start looking at the upcoming MLB Draft. This summer, the Tigers might have one of their most crucial drafts in recent years.

It's not that the Detroit Tigers have the first overall pick or are in a position where they need to do something specific, but it's the first draft under Scott Harris and his newly established front office. It will be crucial to see this team make some strides and "hit" on some prospects from the '23 draft class.

With that in mind, let's dive right into the draft and plenty of important information to note.

When is the 2023 MLB Draft?

In an effort to increase viewership and garner some more buzz, the 2023 MLB Draft has been reported to begin on July 9th and run through July 11th. It's been reported that it will take place in Seattle during the mid-summer classic, a move from the traditional June Draft that many are used to. More information on where to watch will likely become available as the event gets closer.

When do the Detroit Tigers pick in the 2023 MLB Draft?

In the first-ever MLB Draft Lottery held last winter, the Detroit Tigers got lucky and moved up the draft board. In the first round, they moved up and will have the third-overall pick in 2023. They moved up into the top three and have a Competitive Balance Round A pick which is the 37th draft choice overall. Both of those will be on Day 1 of the '23 MLB Draft.

Do the Detroit Tigers have the third overall pick in every round?

No. The Detroit Tigers moved up in the first round via the inaugural MLB Draft Lottery and will hold the third overall pick in the 2023 MLB Draft. But, after moving up with the sixth-best draft odds, they will choose sixth in every other round throughout the draft.

Is there a MLB Draft Combine?

Yes, similar to the NFL, Major League Baseball is hosting a draft combine that will take place at Chase Field in Arizona. The event will run from June 20th through June 25th, allowing draft prospects from around the country to come out and participate. The league invites the consensus Top 300 draft prospects to attend this event. Similar to other spots and their respective combined events, this will allow players to go through a series of pro-style workouts, meet with team executives, and go through some interviews.

How much money do the Tigers have to spend on draft picks?

According to MLB dot com, the Detroit Tigers will have $15,747,200 to spend on draft bonuses for players selected during the 2023 MLB Draft. They can outspend their bonus allotments, but there are penalties depending on how much they overspend. This MLB dot com article has a better breakdown of the penalties for going over their allotment. The Tigers will also have $8,341,700 allotted as the bonus slot value for the third overall pick.

Do the Detroit Tigers have to sign players at their slot value?

Putting it simply, no. The Detroit Tigers can sign players over and under slot. That's the beauty of the MLB Draft and the big question for many organizations to answer. Which players are best for them moving forward, and who can they draft & eventually sign that allows them to maximize their bonus pool? The MLB Draft is not as cut & dry as pick this player, then sign this player. There are some layers and strategies to it that fans may not easily notice.

Who's the best prospect for the Detroit Tigers to consider?

The easy answer is Dylan Crews. He seems to be the consensus 1:1 pick for the 2023 MLB Draft, but things can always change. It's unlikely Crews is available for the Detroit Tigers at no.3, but settling with Wyatt Langford or Paul Skenes at no.3 is more than a victory for them. Here's a breakdown of five prospects that the Detroit Tigers should be considering taking with the third overall pick.

That's the basics. There's still plenty of time as the draft continues to creep in and get closer. The league will likely make it a big deal this year and try to pump up the draft. So expect more on the draft front to be coming from the league soon.

But it's never too early to think about the draft, especially in a year where it really matters for the Detroit Tigers. Often, the bonus slot allotment and slot values go unnoticed and overlooked but are indeed a big piece of the puzzle when it comes to piecing together a draft class.

The MCB staff will continue to provide draft coverage as the spring turns to summer and the draft comes into focus. For fans looking to keep up to date with draft information straight from the source, keep up to date at the MLB Draft Central page on their website.

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