Detroit Tigers: 3 offseason misses that really hurt

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The Detroit Tigers should have signed these three players this offseason

The Detroit Tigers opted not to spend significant money for the sixth time in the last seven offseasons. It would have been nice to see them open up the wallets against like they did in 2021, but they still could have gotten some nice talent had they spent just a little bit more than the $18 million that they spent.

Their only major league free agent signings were Matthew Boyd (one-year/$10 million) and Michael Lorenzen (one-year/$8 million). The rest of the additions to the roster were either minor league deals or done via trade. As frustrating as it is to see ownership continue to be cheap, it turns out the Tigers could have made some nice additions to the team if they were willing to spend just a few million more.

The bullpen has been rough to start the year. There are a couple of former Tigers that could have been brought back for about $10 million. They are both off to great starts for their new teams and would have paid huge dividends for the team to start the year.

The Detroit Tigers could be better had they spent just a little but more dough. Here are three offseason misses that really hurt at the moment.

Not bringing back RHP Michael Fulmer

Fulmer has had an interesting career up to this point. He won the AL Rookie of the Year as a starting pitcher in 2016 before injuries started to take a toll on him. The Tigers ended up converting him to a reliever in 2021 after his first few starts back from Tommy John surgery in 2020 didn't go so well. The results were pretty good.

He was traded to the Twins at the trade deadline last season for RHP Sawyer Gipson-Long. He became a free agent and ended up signing with the Cubs on a one-year, $4 million deal. That's all it took for a solid reliever.

He's off to a pretty good start in 2023. He has a 3.86 ERA in seven innings while striking out over 14 batters per nine innings. He's only walked one batter so far. He gave up a three-run homer earlier this season, but that's been the only damage against him. He's stranded 81.4% of his inherited runners so far.

The fact that all it took would have been $4 million to sign him is really sad. The Tigers could have easily brought him back and got a major league quality reliever for their bullpen.