Detroit Tigers: 3 players who showed up to spring training in great shape

Detroit Tigers infielder Jonathan Schoop worked out for the first time during spring training
Detroit Tigers infielder Jonathan Schoop worked out for the first time during spring training / Kirthmon F. Dozier / USA TODAY NETWORK
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Some Detroit Tigers players have showed up to spring training looking jacked

Spring training is underway from Lakeland. The first full-squad workout was held yesterday, and the Detroit Tigers put some work in for the time in 2023.

Several players showed up to spring training in really good shape. I know it's trivial and kind of a meme to talk about players showing up to spring training in the "best shape of their lives," but there are some noticable differences in the apperances of some players on this roster.

Some players lost a considerable amount of weight, and some players came in bulked up. Either way, the Detroit Tigers have some players looking pretty good early in spring training.

With that out of the way, here are three players that arrived to spring training in great shape.

Jonathan Schoop

Schoop is probably the one that's gotten the most buzz. He lost a significant amount of weight, and you can tell. He doesn't know the exact number, but it's very noticable and he looks great.

This is nice to see, especially after the season he had last year. He was statistically the worst hitter in the league and looked like he was cooked at the plate. But defensively, he was elite. Now that he's lost some weight, he could be even better in the field, as he should be a bit more agile and have a little more range.

I've already seen some people say "oh, it's a contract year, of course he's going to show up in shape," and that's just a lazy take to me. He was horrible offensively last year, and he's trying to do everything he can to rectify that.

This could be his last chance to prove that he can be an everyday big leaguer. He's 31 years old. If he continues to struggle out of the gate this season, he could be off the team. I don't think Scott Harris will have any problem eating the rest of the $7.5 million he's owed this season.

Schoop knows that. He knows he's running out of chances. He's clearly put in the effort to get in shape. Now, let's see if that translates to any success on the field.