Detroit Tigers: 3 prospects who should be on the Opening Day roster in 2024

These three Tigers prospects need to be on the Opening Day roster in 2024
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The Detroit Tigers need to upgrade the roster from the outside this offseason. That much is for sure. However, they also have some players in the organization that deserve a chance to be on the team next season.

Scott Harris said he doesn't want to block prospects from getting their shot, so we should see these guys with the Tigers sooner rather than later.

Two of the players that we will talk about today will be pretty obvious. Fans have been clamoring for these players to come up for a while now. Hopefully, they will finally get their shot to start 2024.

Here's 3 Tigers prospects that deserve to be on the 2024 Opening Day roster.

Colt Keith

I mean, duh. Keith has been big league ready for a long time now. He probably could have started 2023 on the big league roster and done okay. He's that good.

The bat is more than ready. He got into a bit of a slump in both Double-A and Triple-A this year, but bounced back from both. He's shown the ability to make necessary adjustments, which is a very promising sign for his career.

The only major question mark for him is his defense. Where is he going to play? Third base? Second base? The outfield? That's nowhere near set in stone. He hasn't been very good no matter where he's played.

That being said, the bat is too good to ignore. The Tigers need offense in the worst way, and he should be able to provide that. The only reason he shouldn't be on the roster next year is if he's hurt.