Detroit Tigers: 4 reasons why the Jack Flaherty signing is terrible

The Jack Flaherty signing is awful. Here's why.
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2. Nothing to suggest he can improve

Not only were his surface numbers bad, but the analytics were mediorce at best. His Baseball Savant page is not encouraging whatsoever.

He walked way too many guys, didn't get any swings and misses, and didn't allow a ton of soft contact. His fastball velocity was down last year as well. The horizonal movement was way down as well. He didn't throw it nearly as much as a result.

He was so bad as a starter for Balitmore last year that they moved him to the bullpen. They moved a pretty good prospect to get him at the trade deadline from St. Louis as well. Something tells me they regret that one.

Chris Fetter and Robin Lund are great, but they can't fix everyone. We have proof of this. Matthew Boyd was still very much Matthew Boyd before having to undergo Tommy John surgery. Fetter is a wizard, but there's only so much he can do.

I'd love to be wrong about Flaherty's ability to get better, but I just don't see it happening.