Detroit Tigers: 5 players who won't be back in 2024

These Detroit Tigers will not be back next season.
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The 2023 season has come to close. The Detroit Tigers finished with a record of 78-84, which was better than most people expected. It's their best record since 2016. I myself had them at 72-90 this season, so they definitely outperformed my projection.

With the season now over, it's time to look toward the offseason. There are many players on this team that may or may not be back this season, but the five we're going to talke about today almost certainly won't return in 2024. We'd be shocked if any of these players came back.

We have a good mix of pitchers and position players. We don't discriminate here. So let's go ahead and begin our look ahead to the offseason.

Here are 5 Detroit Tigers players who won't be back in 2024

1. INF/OF Tyler Nevin

Nevin has actually had a solid month of September with an .874 OPS in 54 plate appearances. But will it be enough to keep him in the organizaion next year? I'd be shocked.

He's just not a good hitter at the big league level. His number were terrible before September. He was great in Triple-A, but sadly he just doesn't cut it at the major league level.

Was it worth the gamble by Scott Harris? Sure, especially since all he gave up was cash. But the fact that he was often the one that got called up in the event of an injury was very frustating, especially since there were actual prospects like Colt Keith and Justyn-Henry Malloy that were more deserving of an opportunity.

We can only take so much Tyler Nevin. He'll be gone for sure.