Detroit Tigers: 5 players who won't be back in 2024

These Detroit Tigers will not be back next season.
Detroit Tigers v St. Louis Cardinals
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3. OF Akil Baddoo

Baddoo showed flashes of the player we saw in 2021 this season, but overall he was still wildly inconsistent. He hit just .218 with a .682 OPS in 2023.

He did slug .410 with eight home runs in the second half, so he did find some power, but it likely won't be enough to keep him around for next year, especially with the emergence of Parker Meadows.

He is still just 25, and still has some potential, so he make for a good throw-in piece in a trade this offseason. Some teams may find value in a young, lefty outfielder with speed and plate discipline.

It's a shame it never really worked out for Akil Baddoo here. We'll always have that 2021 season, I guess.