Detroit Tigers should kick the tires on a contract with Adam Frazier

The Detroit Tigers should look into Adam Frazier and aim to broker a deal.
Baltimore Orioles second baseman Adam Frazier (12) in the dugout before a postseason game.
Baltimore Orioles second baseman Adam Frazier (12) in the dugout before a postseason game. / Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Adam Frazier would be a good fit for the Detroit Tigers.

The Detroit Tigers need to do something about depth. They need to find a way to bolster down the lineup with a few more pieces. Last season, they did this with the waiver wire. The Tigers went out and pilfered the waiver wire, taking chances on players who served as depth additions.

Some of those waiver wire additions still remain with the Detroit Tigers. But, if the team wants to go out and search on the free agent market, there are still players they can target. The market may have thinned in a year where the free agency pool was very top-heavy, but Detroit can still strike.

The Tigers should be looking into Adam Frazier. Sure, the name may not jump off the page at you or leave fans with a ton of excitement, but the big-name players still available are unlikely to tickle the fancy of most Tigers fans. He would be an excellent addition that served as depth and another veteran in the mix that helps fill some at-bats to keep Detroit from pushing prospects through the wire too quickly.


Maybe Detroit's banking on Jace Jung having a loud spring and being a quick arrival to Detroit, but Frazier would provide a nice cushion at second base for Zach McKinstry. I love a former MAC player (he's a Central Michigan alum) as a Miami Ohio alum. Still, McKinstry is a stopgap player, not some new-found player who will carve out a lengthy career with the Tigers moving forward.

Frazier may be on the wrong side of 30 at 32 years old, but after eight years in the big leagues following a collegiate career with Hail State, he surely would provide depth. Right now, the team is relying on McKinstry to fill holes, but Frazier could slot in at second base or the outfield, with the versatility to play both as needed.

In 2023, Frazier was with the Baltimore Orioles, where he played in 141 games, slashing .240/.300/.396 with 21 doubles, two triples, 13 home runs, and 60 runs driven in. He walked 32 times and struck out only 68 times over a whopping 455 plate appearances.

For someone like Scott Harris, whose three pillars he once spoke about contained a pillar referring to "controlling the strike zone," I'd say Frazier checks that box. Sure, he's not a long-term addition or someone who will really leave fans excited, but let's be honest: the Tigers are only opening that checkbook if the deal is in pennies and nickels.

The worst they can do is check in on Frazier and try to kick the tires on a cheaper deal to see what he can bring to the table for Detroit. It's worth a shot with the thin positional player depth on this Tigers roster.

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