Detroit Tigers: Austin Meadows, Spencer Turnbull sagas finally come to an end

The Detroit Tigers have parted ways with both Austin Meadows and Spencer Turnbull.
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Austin Meadows and Spencer Turnbull had both played very little for the Detroit Tigers over the last two years. Now, they likely will never play for the Detroit Tigers again.

Both Meadows and Turnbull were among the players to not receive a contract by today's non-tender deadline. They will immediately become free agents. Garrett Hill, Brenan Hanifee, and Freddy Pacheco were also non-tendered.

It's really a shame it had to end this way for Meadows. He seems like a great guy who was just never in the right state of mind. His demons were too much for him to overcome in the end. He played just 42 games in two seasons with the Tigers.

It is possible that if he decides he wants to continue playing, the Tigers could bring him back on a minor league deal, but it wouldn't surprise anyone if Meadows just calls it a career. It would an unfortunate way to end a career that started with so much promise, but mental health struggles are legit, folks.

As for Turnbull, I personally thought this has been a strong possibility for a long time now. This relationship had reached the point of no return. Harris said last month he expected Turnbull to be ready fro spring training, but that was likely just get people off his tail about the situation. Now, in his eyes, it's all behind him.

Harris surely tried a find a trade partner for Turnbull, but obviously he couldn't get anyone to bite. Thus ends the Spencer Turnbull saga.

As for the others, Hanifee and Pachedo were DFA'd a few days ago, so they're now free agents. That leaves Hill, who once had some promise as a starter, but that quickly faded. He looked good in spring training last season as a reliever, but then he forgot how to throw strikes.

The Tigers' 40-man roster now sits at 37 players, meaning they have three open spots. We'll have to wait and see if anything is in the works.

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