Detroit Tigers: Did Scott Harris' future GM just become available?

Is there any chance Scott Harris can lure Chaim Bloom to the Detroit Tigers?
Texas Rangers v Boston Red Sox
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Earlier this afternoon, the Red Sox announced that they have fired Chief Baseball Officer Chaim Bloom. Bloom's tenure didn't even last four full seasons in Boston.

He had two — possibly three — last-place finishes during his time in the Red Sox front office. There are some nice prospects down on the farm, but the big league team wasn't very good for most of his time at the helm, save for a surprise run to the ALCS in 2021.

Here's where the Detroit Tigers come in. They need a GM. Scott Harris has been putting off hiring a GM ever since he was hired last September. The latest development is that he will hire one this offseason. With Bloom now on the market, could he be the guy?

There are many reasons both for and against this happening. Bloom may take a GM or assistant GM job somewhere to see if he can build his resume back up and try to run another team in the future.

Some might say Bloom is too good to take a right-hand man kind of job and may look for another GM or POBO job elsewhere. Or, he could just take some time away from the game.

Bloom is also a bit of a controversial figure in the baseball world. Some people think he is a genius. He did have some success in Tampa as their senior VP of baseball operations. But is track record in Boston was...spotty at best.

The thing he might be most known for his the Mookie Betts trade, which was been terrible for the Red Sox. Betts is a future hall-of-famer who is currently in the midst of another MVP-caliber season for the Dodgers. Alex Verdugo was the main piece in that trade, and while he's certainly no slouch, he's not Mookie Betts.

Obviously ownership had a lot to do with that trade — and quite a few of Bloom's struggles — but his ability to identify talent deserves to be in question.

He traded for Eric Hosmer at the trade deadline last season — the same Eric Hosmer that hasn't been good since 2017. There's a trend starting to develop here. He's not good at trades.

Here's another one: Andrew Benintendi to the Royals for Franchy Cordero and two players to be named later and who haven't amounted to anything. If that doesn't work for you, how about trading Hunter Renfore to the Brewers for Jackie Bradley Jr., who hit .163 the previous season for the Brew Crew? Renfroe would go on to enjoy a 29-homer, 124 OPS+ season in 2022 in Milwaukee. JBJ was released in August.

The guy doesn't trade well at all. The Tigers need someone in the org who can trade well, especially since Harris hasn't really shown that ability either so far.

Boston's struggles aren't entirely Bloom's fault, especially considering how cheap ownership has gotten over there, but he didn't do a lot to help his cause either. Personally, I'll pass on Bloom to Detroit.

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