Detroit Tigers' Dominican Republic facility latest to be robbed

Detroit Tigers facility in the D.R. facility is the latest to be robbed.
A general view of the Detroit Tigers script logo on the wall.
A general view of the Detroit Tigers script logo on the wall. / Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Detroit Tigers facility in Dominican Republic latest to be robbed.

A string of crimes has unfolded in the Dominican Republic at several development complexes of Major League Baseball teams. The Detroit Tigers facility was the latest to be robbed as part of this string of incidents involving development facilities for big league teams in the Dominican Republic.

Armed thieves and the Detroit Tigers have robbed three other development facilities in the D.R., which is just the most recent after the St. Louis Cardinals were also recently robbed as part of this string of incidents. Reports state that 16 facilities have been robbed, with the four mentioned being the most recent.

There have been reports of armed thieves coming into the facility to take equipment, devices, and whatever they could steal as part of this string of crimes. The concerning part comes that in the robbery of the Tigers facility, players were reported to be threatened, which is a new development from other incidents.

In the past robberies, the thieves had reportedly taken things aplenty but have not harmed any players, coaches, or staff, with no injuries being reported. But the string of incidents continues and certainly is worrisome moving forward.

The facility is located in San Pedro de Macoris and was slated for improvements in the near future, but as Scott Harris noted, this is still in the planning stage. For the time being, the authorities will be taking the cameras in to look at as part of the investigation, which is ongoing.

For the Tigers players and staff in the Dominican Republic, it was positive news that no one was hurt, but it has to be alarming for them, offering a lowered sense of security. Investigation continues, but from the initial reports, the Dominican police are unsure if the crimes are related.

However, given the nature of them and similarities for how the robberies played out per the reports, it looks pretty likely that the string of incidents are related.

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