Detroit Tigers fans react to news of Javier Báez opting into contract

The Detroit Tigers fanbase is divided in their opinions on Javier Báez, here's their reactions.
Sep 21, 2023; Oakland, California, USA; Detroit Tigers infielder Javier Baez (28) walks to the field
Sep 21, 2023; Oakland, California, USA; Detroit Tigers infielder Javier Baez (28) walks to the field / Robert Edwards-USA TODAY Sports
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Here's some Detroit Tigers fan reactions to Javier Báez opting in.

The Detroit Tigers saw infielder Javier Báez opt into the remaining four years of his contract. He's due $98 million and will remain with the Tigers through the 2027 season, barring any trades/DFA down the line. Those options are unlikely, and Báez likely remains in the Motor City.

The Detroit Tigers fanbase has been indifferent on Báez since he agreed to his contract in Detroit. You could poll ten fans about how they feel about Báez and his contract, and the results will be a mixed bag. There's been some hate about him and the moxie/swagger that he plays with.

That being said, the fanbase had some mixed feelings on the news that Báez was going to opt into his contract, staying in Detroit. While it seemed like free money, there was some possible speculation that he may test the free agent market, but Báez will be sticking with the Tigers.

Let's dive into some of the Tigers faithful's reactions to this news.

Reaction #1: Keeping things light to start

Keeping things light, we'll start with a meme. Dave Barr (@DaveBarr12470) replied to the announcement from Evan Petzold with a gif of someone diving into a pool of money. Given that Báez is owed $98 million over four seasons, he will take home a good chunk of change for the Tigers as he patrols shortstop.

He'll take home $25 million the next two seasons and $24 million in his final two seasons as a Tiger, carrying a $23.3 million "cap hit" per se as his Luxury Tax Salary. Báez has not exactly been amazing, so taking home $25 million a year may be considered a steal by some, which is what Barr is poking fun at here with the gif above--gotta love some light-hearted content.