Detroit Tigers in good position for 2024 MLB Draft

The Detroit Tigers may not have moved up in the 2024 MLB Draft Lottery, but they are still in a good position to add an impactful player at 11th overall.
Dec 4, 2023; Nashville, TN, USA; A view of the Draft Lottery stage at the 2023 MLB Winter Meetings.
Dec 4, 2023; Nashville, TN, USA; A view of the Draft Lottery stage at the 2023 MLB Winter Meetings. / Kyle Schwab-USA TODAY Sports

Detroit Tigers are in a good position for the 2024 MLB Draft.

The Detroit Tigers may not have moved up the 2024 MLB Draft Lottery. While the top of the draft classes tend to be the most rewarding and reap the players with the most benefit, the 11th overall pick will still be a talented player. For the Tigers, there's potential to walk away with a stud college player.

This year's draft class is absolutely dominated by collegiate talent at the top. For a team looking to expedite a rebuild, turn the corner, and open a window, another high-level college player may help them accomplish this. It's hard not to like the Detroit Tigers' position.

While they may not have their draft board narrowed down yet, before the college season has even started, it should be college-heavy. They'll have a chance to come away with a premier college player, likely a bat. Not only is this year's draft class is heavy on college players, but it's also really heavy on bats, specifically.

As the Tigers do their draft prep, it will likely come down to which players move up the board and make themselves money this spring. Maybe it's off-base to suggest, but taking a prep player seems like a silly move at this point. Being all in on finding the right college player should be the goal of this spring for the amateur scouting department.

After all, at 11th overall, the only prep players likely in their wheelhouse would be Konnor Griffin & P.J. Morlando if they are still on the board. If not, we'd be talking about monumental risers in Michigan native Caleb Bonemer, Cam Camniniti, or Slade Caldwell. It's just not something I think would happen, with the likelihood of a prominent college bat staring them in the face.

The Tigers have to be hoping to have a better core or a better idea of what their core is after the 2024 season. They'll have a better grasp on which positions are going to need definite upgrades and which could be supplied from within. Part of that will come from the draft.

Taking a player who had a big spring and will provide beneficial tools to the Tigers' future would be a significant addition. Whether it is a bat-first infielder like Tommy White from LSU, a two-way standout dubbed "JacTani" in Jac Caglianone from Florida, or a potential riser like Wake Forest's Seaver King, the team will have their pick, even at 11th.

Who knows, maybe one of the arms slated for a second-half of the first-round pick right now will blow up this spring and end up creeping up the board to Detroit, offering them some insulation for the rotation. My gut feeling in January wants to lean toward a bat, looking at this class, but the spring will be a big tell.

On top of that, draft day is so far away; it's just speculation right now. However, at 11th overall, Detroit has a chance to bring in an impact college prospect to help them turn the corner.