Detroit Tigers: Jose Cisnero might not be long for this roster

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Jose Cisnero's Detroit Tigers career might be in jeopardy

There was once a time where you could make an argument that Jose Cisnero was the best arm in the Detroit Tigers bullpen. He averaged a 3.67 ERA from 2019-21 and once threw a fastball that could touch 99 mph to go along with a wicked slider. But right now, it looks like those days have long since past.

Cisnero suffered a shoulder injury that caused him to miss the majority of the 2022 season. In the 28 games that he did pitch, his surface numbers were solid. He had a 1.08 ERA. Sure he had 23 strikeouts compared to 19 walks, but the bottom line was he was putting up zeros in the run column. Well, he's not doing that anymore.

Cisnero allowed a game-tying three-run homer in the fifth inning to Yordan Alvarez in last night's win over the Astros. The pitch was a 91 mph changeup that was right down broadway. That's a pitch you absolutely cannot throw to that hitter in that situation.

Many people were upset with A.J. Hinch that he pulled starter Matthew Boyd in that situation. That wasn't the problem. Both his command and his velocity were dipping. He was clearly at the end of his rope. The problem was Hinch's choice in reliever. Cisnero hasn't had it for almost a year now. I don't know how you could have trusted someone like that in a high leverage situation.

Cisnero hasn't looked the same since the injury. He's had no command to speak of. Before allowing the homer, he walked and hit a batter. All spring long, he couldn't find the strike zone. His velocity hasn't been the same either. He hasn't had his slider. He looks like he's totally cooked.

If he can't figure something out soon, the Tigers could just opt to DFA him in favor of others arms they have down in Toledo. Trevor Rosenthal was signed early in spring training, and he could be ready soon. Cisnero could be the one to get the boot.

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