Detroit Tigers finally make their next move; Still work to be done this off-season

Sammy McLean, 29, of Windsor, Ontario, celebrates with friends after the Detroit Tigers score a run
Sammy McLean, 29, of Windsor, Ontario, celebrates with friends after the Detroit Tigers score a run / Brian Kaufman / USA TODAY NETWORK

The Detroit Tigers finally made a move, but there's more to be done.

After a period of silence from the Detroit Tigers, they finally got the ball rolling. Scott Harris and his new front office brass are reportedly adding right-handed pitcher Michael Lorenzen on a one-year contract worth $8.5 million.

This was a beneficial move, even if it seemed minute. A right-handed arm who has the ability to be a starter or pitch in relief is going to provide a boost to the Detroit Tigers' pitching staff. I know I'm interested to see how things pan out, as I had advocated for Lorenzen in the past as well.

It's exciting for the Tigers to finally make a move with a pretty underwhelming Winter Meetings that led to backlash from the fanbase. But after a lack of signings, they finally made a move. With a pause likely coming for the holiday season in the coming week, the Tigers still need to be ready to act.

There are still things that need to be addressed and still areas that the Tigers need to work to improve. Something has to be done between adding a third baseman or finding a way to fill this void. The catching position could surely use an upgrade, but who knows?

The point is the Tigers need to be ready to keep making moves this off-season. It's far from over, and the Lorenzen deal does not excuse another period of silence for the Tigers' front office. With a thinning free-agent market, it's time for the Tigers to make some decisions.

Maybe it was some poor assumptions on my part, but when Harris said he would take calculated risks, my expectations were higher. While non-tendering Jeimer Candelario brings a risk, I did not think it would be one of the big moves this off-season.

Beyond that, it did not seem that trading Joe Jiménez would be the big move of the off-season. If the off-season ended today, it would be a pitiful effort from the Tigers. But there's still time for this to change.

Harris and his front office crew need to keep their foot on the gas and work to ensure that they can address the team's needs before Spring Training. They may still have time to work things out, but sitting idly by while other teams sweep up the free agents will force the Tigers to make some tough decisions.

After a quiet start to the off-season and underwhelming Winter Meetings, Scott Harris and the company need to keep their foot on the gas and keep addressing the team's needs for a productive off-season.

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