Detroit Tigers: Miguel Cabrera pop-up shop makes its debut downtown

Miguel Cabrera pop-up opens up across from Comerica Park.
Sep 5, 2023; Bronx, New York, USA;  The New York Yankees scoreboard displays a pregame message in
Sep 5, 2023; Bronx, New York, USA; The New York Yankees scoreboard displays a pregame message in / Wendell Cruz-USA TODAY Sports

Detroit Tigers legend Miguel Cabrera has a pop-up open up downtown.

The Detroit Tigers season is slowly coming to a close as they get into the last 17 games of the 2023 slate. There's not much left, but Miguel Cabrera is slowly calling it quits as he marches toward his final game in a Tigers uniform.

The Detroit Tigers have done aplenty to make this season memorable for Miguel Cabrera. A local establishment in downtown Detroit is pitching in to make it a special end of a career. For the remainder of the month, a Miguel Cabrera-themed pop-up will be across from the stadium.

According to a piece from The Detroit News, there will be a pop-up across the street from Comerica Park. The pop-up has been set up by El Rey de las Arepas, one of Detroit's restaurants. It's slated to be open during Tigers and Lions games and offers a whole experience for Tigers fans.

As the piece linked above notes, fans can get food courtesy of the restaurant and go through a Miggy-themed experience. It's another excellent tip of the cap for the Tigers legend as he continues his march toward the end of the 2023 season.

After 21 years in the big leagues, Cabrera is about to call it a career. He announced that 2023 would be his last MLB season, capping off a Hall of Fame career. It's been fantastic to see how opposing teams have handled things with Cabrera. On road trips, teams have done a great job holding a little ceremony and offering Miggy a tip of the cap.

Whether it's a donation to his foundation, a gag gift, a real gift, or even just an excellent commemoration from these organizations, the Tigers legend has gotten plenty of attention, and rightfully so. Now, the Tigers are continuing to offer Cabrera his own tip of the cap, and it also comes with a pop-up experience outside of Comerica Park.

For Cabrera, it is soon to be the end of an era, but there's plenty to be celebrated for his tenure in Detroit coming to an end. Fans who want to check out the experience need to head downtown during Tigers or Lions games and check out the pop-up experience set off Columbia Street.

On top of that, the Tigers have Miggy Celebration Weekend at the end of the month. So Tigers fans looking for one last "Miggy fix" have their chance to do so.

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