Detroit Tigers: Miguel Cabrera set on his retirement plans

Venezuela designated hitter Miguel Cabrera (24) looks on after hitting one.
Venezuela designated hitter Miguel Cabrera (24) looks on after hitting one. / Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports

Detroit Tigers infielder Miguel Cabrera is set on his retirement plans.

Coming into the 2023 season, the Detroit Tigers already know that it is the last time Miguel Cabrera will take the field for their team. Cabrera announced that he is set to retire from Major League Baseball after the 2023 season.

Over the last few years, the Detroit Tigers superstar has done his best to go out and "pad the stats" and accomplish more accolades. That involved the Tigers legend getting to 500 home runs and 3,000 hits, as well as 600 career doubles.

After a lengthy 20-year career in the big leagues, the Tigers will have Cabrera be a part of the team for one last 162-game sprint. The 39-year-old will hit the big 4-0 as he celebrates his 40th birthday on April 18th.

He's getting up there, and it's easy to understand why Cabrera will hang up his cleats and put the bat down for the Tigers. He's well on his way to the Hall of Fame but still has one more season in the big leagues to continue padding his stats.

The Tigers legend was away from the team recently as he took part in the World Baseball Classic as a member of Team Venezuela. While playing in the World Baseball Classic, Cabrera made it known that his plans to retire from Major League Baseball after the 2023 season will not waver.

According to a piece from Evan Woodberry of MLive, Cabrera has been listening to the signs from his body telling him that it's time to slow down. He is taking one last year to play for the Tigers before he hangs them up, and that's final.

There will be no Tom Brady-like decision reversal or Aaron Rodgers-style darkness retreat to make a final choice. The Tigers' first baseman (now designated hitter, really) is really going to be done after this season.

While the Tigers may not be able to do a lot of competing in 2023 or push for a postseason berth, Cabrera will get plenty of attention and recognition from the city and the team fanbase.

Heck, plenty of teams around the league will likely provide some recognition to Cabrera as many teams did for Albert Pujols and some did in the past for David Ortiz. It will be a long year for the Tigers, but it will be the last for Cabrera.

As Opening Day continues to inch closer, let Cabrera's farewell tour begin for the Tigers organization.

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