Detroit Tigers prospect frustrated after being optioned to minors

Ryan Kreidler made it very clear that he is quite upset about the Detroit Tigers decision to option him to Triple-A amid latest round of roster cuts.

Detroit Tigers infielder Ryan Kreidler practice during spring training at TigerTown in Lakeland.
Detroit Tigers infielder Ryan Kreidler practice during spring training at TigerTown in Lakeland. / Junfu Han / USA TODAY NETWORK

The Detroit Tigers may not have a postseason roster or a star-studded roster, for that matter. But as they made their latest round of roster cuts, the Tigers had some tough decisions to make. Many teams are in this spot each spring. However, the Tigers made some choices that seemingly ruffled feathers with one of their players.

Ryan Kreidler did not make the big-league club. The Detroit Tigers cut their roster down to 31 and, in doing so, locked down their position player group. The Tigers have a group of players, 13 to be exact, that they will head into battle with this season. However, Kreidler did not make the cut.

He has since been optioned to Triple-A and sent back to Toledo, where he will begin the season with the Mud Hens. He is looking to try and earn his way back to the MLB level. It's a tough spot to be in, and it seems like he's got some choice words to say about it.

Kreidler felt he should make the team. He said that part of it is just the mindset that he felt he should bring to it, coming into camp assuming he deserves a spot and hoping to earn it. Obviously, the Tigers felt different, and Kreidler was optioned.

Detroit Tigers option Ryan Kreidler, leaving the former fourth-rounder frustrated.

The Tigers had some tough choices, and while Kreidler thinks he belongs in the big leagues, I'm just not so sure about that. The former fourth-rounder came to Detroit after a career with UCLA at the collegiate level. He was trying to iron things out and really get things going on his road to the big leagues.

In his first two seasons with the Tigers organization, Kreidler has played 37 games at the big league level and made 102 plate appearances. He's slashed an abysmal .165/.220/.209 with six walks to 29 strikeouts. Certainly not the best start to a career over two seasons.

Kreidler did hit well this spring, slashing .355/.500/.548 over 31 at-bats. He had a couple of home runs and six RBI. He walked six times and had ten punchouts. He certainly had a good spring, but there was just no room for Kreidler at the big-league level.

His frustration makes sense. No one wants to be sent back to the minors, so the frustration is understandable. However, the Tigers may not have room for Kreidler for some time. For Kreidler, if the frustration grows, it could lead to a potential move.

That's a down-the-line thought, but Detroit may have to consider a change with Kreidler, knowing that they may not have a ton of room for him on the team's roster.