Detroit Tigers provide an update on Austin Meadows

Detroit Tigers offer up an update on Austin Meadows who remains absent from the club.
Detroit Tigers outfielder Austin Meadows barrels up a ball and drives it during Spring Training.
Detroit Tigers outfielder Austin Meadows barrels up a ball and drives it during Spring Training. / Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Detroit Tigers give update on outfielder Austin Meadows.

The Detroit Tigers have been without outfielder Austin Meadows for almost all of the 2023 season. It's been a bit of a somber note as Meadows has been unable to take the field for the Tigers as he continues to sift through some issues off the field.

The Detroit Tigers announced that Meadows would step away from the team and away from the field as he continued to sift through some mental health issues and do whatever he had to do to get himself right and back to 100%.

Meadows only played in 6 games this in 2023 before stepping away from the team to handle his health issues. He's been undergoing treatment, and it sounds like he is continuing to inch closer to a return to the field.

Nothing has been set in stone, but the Tigers provided an update on their outfielder from President of Baseball Operations Scott Harris.

As he continues to deal with his anxiety, the Tigers continue to allow him the time he needs. He will continue to remain away from the team and undergo treatment with the hopes of donning the Tigers jersey once again in 2023.

The Tigers are being supportive of Meadows, giving him his chance to take time and get back to 100%. The biggest issue standing in the way is the unclear timetable. While I'm sure Meadows and the Tigers have been in communication and likely have a better idea of the situation, there is no real expectation except that he is progressing and looking to return as he has started working out.

One of the things that Scott Harris championed when he got to Detroit in some of his interviews was ensuring that he gets good feedback from the players, both positive and negative. One of the areas that needed to be addressed in the eyes of the players was health and wellness support systems within the organization.

With how the Tigers have handled things with Meadows, there has to be hope that he is getting the support he needs. It seems that way from the comments that have been released. The Meadows trade has looked quite bad in hindsight, but at this point, forget about it.

The priority now is continuing to support Meadows, seeing if he can return to the big leagues and get back to playing the game he once loved. From the sounds of it, the game has been tough to play for him lately, mentally, and he's been taking time to overcome some of those obstacles, trying to enjoy playing once again.

As per usual, we wish nothing but the best for Meadows, hoping he can continue to get the help he needs and try to return. In the latest update from the Tigers, it seems like things are going well.

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