Detroit Tigers showcase changes to Comerica Park

Detroit Tigers v Houston Astros
Detroit Tigers v Houston Astros / Bob Levey/GettyImages

Opening Day at Comerica Park is here, with a series of new changes for 2023.

1. The fences are moved in

In right field, the Tigers added additional padding along the wall and shrubbery in right. Center field is moved from 420 to 412 and the right-field wall has been lowered from 13 to 7 feet. The area behind the new walls will stay empty.

In addition, the bullpen indoor area has been upgraded for the players, including better sight lines. According to Scott Harris, President of Baseball Operations for the Detroit Tigers, they broke ground on Feb. 1, so construction began shortly after. The Tigers now will have the second-largest center field in baseball. Coors Field in Denver, with a bigger wall in straightway center, is 415 feet.

Per the quote by Evan Petzold in the Freep: "We feel great about the finished product," Tigers president of baseball operations Scott Harris said Thursday. "We made a commitment to elevating the player and fan experience. I think this project achieves both. I'm really proud of all the work that went into it from a lot of people."

With a lot of players just getting in town on Thursday, this will be the first time that Tigers players will get a closer look.

2. Upgrades across the Comerica Park

The clubhouse has been given a makeover and now includes a performance center for the players. There are now LED lights that will be more prominent once there are night games. Also, new for 2023, a new variety of food options in Comerica Park.

Detroit looks to win their second series in a row as they host Boston on Thursday, with an off-day on Friday before games on Saturday and Sunday.