Detroit Tigers: Spencer Torkelson's 2023 performance points to good things

Spencer Torkelson figured it out in 2023, and that's huge for the Detroit Tigers.
Sep 28, 2023; Detroit, Michigan, USA; Detroit Tigers designated hitter Spencer Torkelson (20)
Sep 28, 2023; Detroit, Michigan, USA; Detroit Tigers designated hitter Spencer Torkelson (20) / Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Detroit Tigers should be thrilled with Spencer Torkelson.

The Detroit Tigers should be absolutely enthralled with how things went during the 2023 season. Spencer Torkelson was able to piece together an exceptional performance this year and really settle into his own. The Tigers should be pleased with how things shook out.

Coming into the Detroit Tigers 2023 campaign, there was a lot needed out of Spencer Torkelson. He had not exactly lived up to the hype that was expected of him. However, the former first-overall pick proved some of his doubters wrong.

I've been high on Torkelson since the beginning. It's hard not to be excited about a guy who was raved as the top pick, even in a COVID-19-affected draft class. Torkelson's tools were going to be something. He is a physical hitter with a swing conducive to power. It's something the Tigers had to be excited to work with.

Over the years, Torkelson made his rise toward the big leagues, albeit a bit quicker than I anticipated, which I chalk up to the former front office being a bit silly. However, he has seemingly outgrown those issues and developed himself into a truly exceptional big-league hitter.

Now 24 years old, Torkelson has started to find his way in the big leagues. The first baseman will cross the 1,000 at-bat threshold in 2024; this summer was his second season in Detroit. Torkelson played in 159 games for the Tigers this season, where he accumulated 684 plate appearances.

He performed to a .233/.313/.446 slash line, managing a .758 OPS. The more impressive part was that he had 34 doubles, a triple, and 31 home runs with 94 RBI as well. He truly found his groove in the batters' box and was able to capitalize on things.

The Tigers should be thrilled with his performance this year, especially with Torkelson being someone the team wants to build around moving forward. Tapping into the power like he did in 2023 was absolutely huge for the Tigers.

Torkelson made some changes and was able to lift the ball a bit. He adjusted some things, and while he's always hit the ball hard, he could hit the ball hard AND in the air. For those keeping track at home, hitting the ball hard and in the air is much more conducive to home runs than hard-hit groundballs.

Jokes aside, Torkelson did make some big-time improvements, and the Tigers should be thrilled with the results they got from their former first-overall pick. He's going to be special for Detroit. He will, and if he can continue to build on his 2023 campaign, the Tigers will be jumping for joy.

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