Detroit Tigers: Projecting the top 5 picks in the 2023 MLB Draft

Here's the "how it might go" projections for the 2023 MLB Draft.
West outfielder Max Clark (3) during the Perfect Game All-American Classic.
West outfielder Max Clark (3) during the Perfect Game All-American Classic. / Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports
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2. Washington Nationals: RHP Paul Skenes, LSU

This one seems like a slam dunk move with the second name off the board. For the Nationals, they're going to be staring at Paul Skenes on the draft board with the second overall pick, and I have a hard time thinking they can pass him up.

The Nationals picked Stephen Strasburg back in the day, and I'd say that worked out pretty well with them. Staring at the best college arm being right in front of them just seems really tough to avoid. Skenes could be in the big leagues the day after the draft, granted they are not going to start his clock that early or run his arm into the ground after playing a long spring to win the natty.

He could very much so pitch in the big leagues with the way he is on the mound. Skenes holds up around 100 mph and even more during his starts. The fastball will overpower hitters and is easily a 70-grade pitch or even above.

He's got the tighter slider that he turns to often and also a changeup, with room to improve those offerings, but he's a no-brainer as the first arm off the board, especially for the Nationals at no. 2. For more on Paul Skenes' makeup, check out his MCB Draft Profile.

In terms of the pick analysis, there's plenty of reason to assume the Nationals front office will be all over Skenes at no. 2, getting themselves their next top-tier big league arm.