Detroit Tigers: Tyler Holton continues to post exceptional numbers

Is Detroit Tigers reliever Tyler Holton heading for the Rookie of the Year award?
Detroit Tigers relief pitcher Tyler Holton (87) throws a pitch during a relief outing.
Detroit Tigers relief pitcher Tyler Holton (87) throws a pitch during a relief outing. / Lon Horwedel-USA TODAY Sports

Detroit Tigers reliever Tyler Holton continues to churn out success.

The Detroit Tigers have built up their bullpen with some new faces in 2023. One of the players who has been able to step up and rise to the occasion is Tyler Holton. A left-handed reliever who has really made the most of his opportunities, Holton has just continued to turn in good outings.

The Detroit Tigers need to be thrilled with what Holton has done while wearing the Olde English "D" on his chest. They have called upon Holton aplenty, and he continues to find ways to be an impactful part of the Tigers bullpen in 2023.

Even if the 2023 season is not going as well as was hoped, Holton's performance is worth discussing. Heck, Tigers beat writer Chris McCosky even noted that Holton deserves some American League (AL) Rookie of the Year love in talks of the award.

But Holton's name is not even coming up in discussion, and it likely will not be coming up with the names that are ahead of him across the AL Division. But that does not mean that Holton is not deserving or having an exceptional season.

Now, it's not to say that Holton should win the ROTY award, but McCosky's onto something with his tweet, mentioning the accolades from the Tigers southpaw reliever. It indeed has been exceptional to see how Holton has performed, and the rest of the season could mean a lot for him.

Holton has come out and performed day in and day out. He has pitched in 45 games with 66.2 innings pitched to this point in 2023. He's pitched to a 1.62 ERA and a 0.83 WHIP to this point, allowing 38 hits walking 17 opposing hitters with 61 punchouts to his credit.

It's been an excellent performance from Holton, who has been able to go out and churn out clean outings. Even if he got a little touched up by the Astros on Sunday, allowing four runs in a bad outing, he has been able to be a strong part of this organization's bullpen.

Holton needs to continue being this strong as part of the Tigers bullpen, as it could leave him with a ticket to stick around. It's no secret that Holton was brought in this off-season after being DFA'd by the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Holton has made a name for himself with the Tigers, and he could end up earning himself a call back if things go well. If Holton can pitch well down the stretch, there's no reason that he could not be coming back to Detroit to settle in as part of the bullpen.

The Tigers will need pieces to round out a bullpen in 2024, and after his performance in 2023, the Tigers should be all-in on Holton returning, and strong performances will only help. He's an arbitration-eligible player and would make a nice fixture as part of the bullpen.

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