Dream Detroit Tigers starting lineup for the 2024 season

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Batting second: CF Riley Greene

Even though he missed a lot of time this year, Riley Greene still managed to gain the highest fWAR of the 2023 Detroit Tigers, with a 2.3. As the 2019 draft's fifth overall pick, it doesn't feel too hyperbolic to say that Greene (along with Spencer Torkelson, who we'll get to later) represents the Tigers' future, and there's a lot of hope riding on him. The fact that he had to undergo Tommy John at only 22 years old is brutal, and although hope for him has far from waned, his performance off of surgery will be unpredictable at the start of the 2024 season.

But because this is a dream lineup and rules of reality don't apply here, we'll say that Greene will come back in full form in March. Playing in center field is well-trodden territory for him; before he was sat in September, he made most of his starts in center. Batting second is also familiar, as he went back and forth between second and third in the lineup before he was injured.

Putting Greene near the top of the lineup to reliably get on base and maybe even force himself into scoring position (he led the Tigers stolen base leaderboard, with seven) is the smartest thing to do, which is why the Tigers had a good thing going before he got hurt, and his addition back into the real lineup next season will be a breath of fresh air.