Former Detroit Tigers outfielder Nick Castellanos is having himself an October

Detroit Tigers fans watch on as former outfielder Nick Castellanos continues to hit.
Oct 12, 2023; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA; Philadelphia Phillies right fielder Nick Castellanos
Oct 12, 2023; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA; Philadelphia Phillies right fielder Nick Castellanos / Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Former Detroit Tigers outfielder Nick Castellanos is on fire.

The Detroit Tigers did not even sniff the playoffs. They were in the depths of the standings. The excitement this fall/winter will be where they land in the Draft Lottery and which mid-tier free agents they may consider signing.

But, for plenty of former Detroit Tigers, there's plenty of baseball left. With several players still competing for a World Series in 2023 with other organizations, it's a sad reminder of what could have been. One of the former players has been having himself an unreal October.

It's #RedOctober for Philly fans who are watching their Philadelphia Phillies attempt to make another run to the World Series. They are currently facing off with Arizona in the NLCS as they look to punch their ticket back to the big dance.

They're a fun team to watch; it's hard to lie about that. But Nick Castellanos, in particular, has been one of their impact bats who has been fun to watch. He's part of that absolutely packed top-of-the-lineup, and he's embraced his role and handled the stick well.

Castellanos has played in 23 games this postseason for the Phillies, where he has hit .391 with a 1.440 OPS. The crazy thing is that he has nine hits along the way, and five of them are home runs. With 5 RBI to his credit, he has been a producer for that team. He had a huge home run in the elimination game to elevate Philly to a win over Atlanta.

The Phillies were able to take down the Braves which is no small task. But with the help of their bats and really impressive stuff from Ranger Suarez, they were able to lock up the series win and advance. Castellanos swinging the hot stick only helps that.

He's just had himself a really good fall. It's not a huge surprise either, as he had himself a real good year during the regular season. Castellanos played in 157 games where he slashed .272/.311/476 with 37 doubles, two triples, and 29 home runs. He plated 106 runs and was able to help the Phillies get back to the postseason.

Not to mention, Castellanos's operation in the box is a good one. Here's an open-side view of his big-time home run against Atlanta to secure the series win.

He's one of those hitters who hits. He can get the barrel in the hitting zone and stay long through it for success. He is able to stay square and effectively work into the swing. The hands and leg lift sync up nicely, and then he gets that front foot down and rotates hard.

He controls the barrel super well and can be long through it, as mentioned. Pair that with the torque he creates with the leg lift, and it's a dangerous combo that can produce some seriously loud results. He can launch the ball and leverage well, as he's shown and has proven this October.

For Detroit, it's tough to watch some of the former stars have all this success elsewhere while the team struggles, but hopefully, Castellanos can stay hot. The Phillies are fun to watch, so I'm personally rooting for Castellanos to keep it up and hopefully try to help the Phils keep making their run.

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