Mark Canha will be an asset for Detroit Tigers run production

The Detroit Tigers need to find ways to produce runs, Mark Canha will allow them to do just that.
Milwaukee Brewers left fielder Mark Canha (21) watches one fly to right field.
Milwaukee Brewers left fielder Mark Canha (21) watches one fly to right field. / Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Mark Canha will play a big role with the Detroit Tigers in 2024.

The Detroit Tigers are heading into the spring, hoping to iron things out and get back on the straight and narrow. But that's been the case for years at this point. One thing the team did this off-season was bring in a couple of new faces. One of them was Mark Canha, who was acquired via trade, coming in from the Milwaukee Brewers.

The Detroit Tigers picked up Canha's option and will plug him in with the outfield crop, hoping that he'll bring a nice mix of quality at-bats and veteran presence to the team's roster. There's a lot to like about Canha. It may not feel like a big move, but the 34-year-old will bring plenty to the Tigers' outfield in 2024.

The Tigers will likely work with Riley Greene, Parker Meadows, and Mark Canha as their trio of outfielders this spring. However, they will also have utility players like Andy Ibañez, Nick Maton, Zach McKinstry, etc. Akil Baddoo is still lingering around as well, which means he'll find time with the Tigers in 2024 if I had to bet on it.

But Canha is a veteran who churns out good at-bats and will likely fill a need for Detroit this season at a bargain cost. He may not be here forever or be long for this Tigers roster beyond 2024 as a 2025 unrestricted free agent, but he'll bring value to Detroit in his time with the organization.


Canha's coming off two seasons with the Mets, well, 1.5 after he was traded to the Milwaukee Brewers last year. In 2023, he played in 139 games between his time with the Mets & Brewers, totaling 507 at-bats. He slashed .262/.355/.400 with 25 doubles, a triple, 11 home runs, and 62 runs driven in.

He walked 49 times, striking out just 79 times on the year, also getting hit 17 times. This comes after leading the league in HBPs in 2021 and 2022. The number of walks could stand to improve, but if he's getting hit too, he's finding a way on base. However, he has to do so. It's quite impressive, and the OBP speaks for itself.

Any good college hitter knows that good turns matter. Good turns = free-90. That equation means a chance for a runner in scoring position and a chance to stack a run on the board. Canha has an opportunity to churn out good at-bats for Detroit, which could come in handy near the top of the order or even as a nice cushion through the middle of the order.

Fans should be excited to get their first looks in at Canha as the Tigers get underway with spring ball. He's not a $300 million shortstop or $280 million arm, but he's a new face and one that Tigers fans should get to know.

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