Ranking the best mustaches on the Detroit Tigers

Detroit Tigers Photo Day
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3. RHP Jason Foley

Jason Foley
Cleveland Guardians v Detroit Tigers Game Two / Jaime Crawford/GettyImages

Foley has developed into one of the best arms in the Tigers bullpen. His power sinker gets up to 98 mph and is near impossible to hit in the air.

While his performance on the mound has been rightfully making headlines, his facial hair isn't quite worthy of such praise. It's better than Riley Greene's mustache, but that's not saying a whole lot.

It's definitely bushy when compared to the first two mustaches we talked about, and it has a better shape as well. But frankly, we should be talking more about the hair on his head than the hair on his face. That's a top five hairdo on the team if I do say so myself.

Foley's mustache is just average. His 'stache ranks third on our list.