Should the Detroit Tigers trade Alex Lange?

Detroit Tigers v Washington Nationals
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Alex Lange could be a hot commodity at this year's trade deadline

Alex Lange has broken out for the Detroit Tigers. He was very good last season, but he's taken things to a whole new level this year. He currently has a 0.89 ERA and has struck out 27 batters in 20.1 IP. The Detroit Tigers have found their closer for the foreeable future...or have they?

The Tigers may be 2.5 games out of first place in the AL Central as it stands, but in all likelihood they will be out of the playoff hunt by mid-July. They will be likely be sellers at the trade deadline. Obviously Eduardo Rodriguez will be heavily pursued, but what about Lange?

He's, straight up, one of the best reliever in baseball right now. He has wicked stuff and is virtually unhittable at times. He's also not a free agent until 2028.

He has four years of team control left after this season, which makes him incredibly valuable. Contending teams will likely be calling the Tigers at the deadline about Lange. Should they listen, and potentially bite on an offer?

I'm obviously not Scott Harris, but if I was, I would certainly listen to offers. The Tigers could get a major haul in return for Alex Lange. A reliever of his caliber with that mich control doesn't come around on the trade market very often. However, that exact same logic is all the reason the Tigers should hold on to him.

Lange is somebody the Tigers could build their bullpen around. You could leave him in the ninth-inning role and build from there. Having a dominant reliever like him for the next four years is incredibly valuable.

If the Tigers are hoping to be competitive sooner rather than later, it would be benfinical for them to keep Alex Lange around. But at the same time, again, they could get a huge return for him.

They could get a young and controllable bat, plus a prospect or two. Relievers aren't quite as valuable as starting pitchers, but with Lange having that much control left, that drives up his value quite a bit.

Personally, while I would definitely listen, I would have to be overwhelmed by an offer to trade Alex Lange. It would have to be an offer I absolutely can't refuse. But again, I'm not Scott Harris. I don't know what's on his mind.

Harris has an interesting decision ahead of him with Lange. Does he trade him for a haul? Or does he hold on to him and build his bullpen around him? We'll just have to wait and see.

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